Get Outside on a Beautiful Spring Day Even If…

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The sun is shining, the birds are twittering and everyone’s headed outdoors. And, even though you deserve to bask in the great weather as well, you hesitate — there’s a lot of pollen out there, and you know it’ll cause problems for you or your child. Enough punishing yourself — get immunotherapy, get out there and enjoy!

Immunotherapy is a process that trains your immune system to ignore pollen and/or other allergens that cause allergy symptoms; it’s the closest thing there is to an allergy cure. Unlike medications that simply hide symptoms temporarily, immunotherapy is a long term solution. You can start treatment now, and every year when spring rolls around, you’ll be first out the door on those bright, beautiful days — even if pollen is flying everywhere.

To find an AllerVision-affiliated provider who can test you for allergies and tailor immunotherapy — such as easy, super-convenient allergy drops — to your specific triggers, click here. Then look out the window; you’ll be able to savor the the great outdoors soon.

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